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Interact with Gooogle Photos in Python

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You can use Pypi distribution (recommended method):

pip install gphotospy

Otherwise clone this repo and use the modules in _gphotospy_ directly (not recommended).


This library is unofficial; most of the API is covered, however no proper test coverage has been implemented so far.

Please refer to Google’s authorization guide (recommended), or see the below “Set up authorization” for a quick review on how to get Google’s API keys and authorization (save it in a gphoto_oauth.json file).


from gphotospy import authorize
from gphotospy.album import Album

# Select secrets file (got through Google's API console)
CLIENT_SECRET_FILE = "gphoto_oauth.json"

# Get authorization and return a service object
service = authorize.init(CLIENT_SECRET_FILE)

# Init the album manager
album_manager = Album(service)

# Create a new album
new_album = album_manager.create('test album')

# Get the album id and share it
id_album = new_album.get("id")

Check the examples folder of gphotospy repo for more examples of use.

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